Greg Levy ’18

University of Pennsylvania
In Nicaragua, Greg discovered the symbiosis of George School service trips.

What was memorable about your service trip experience?

When I was on my service trip in Nicaragua, my host cousin and I enjoyed a close bond over our shared interest of language learning. We would spend nights having conversations where we switched between Spanish and English to practice both speaking and listening. We’re still in touch and regularly share our stories of struggle and triumph on our paths to becoming bilingual.

Which extracurricular activity had the biggest impact on you?

Through four years of Student Council, I learned a lot about the school’s internal workings. Becoming an effector of change helped me be adaptable and able to negotiate to reach desired changes.

More about Greg:

Greg was an IB diploma candidate who took AP classes, too. An executive officer on Student Council, he also served as a student representative on the George School Board. For art, he explored both ceramics and theater.