Hadley Cohen ’19

Tulane University
Hadley looks forward to continuing to look back on her creative accomplishments in Opus, Argo, and Curious George.

Describe something that you tried for the first time at George School.

During my first year at George School I was able to take yearbook as a class, and it completely changed how I viewed my own capabilities. I realized that I have a creative mind, and I loved creating spreads and taking pictures for Opus. My yearbook teacher at the time, Susan Ross, helped me develop my love for photography and graphic design.

While I enjoyed these parts of yearbook, what made me stay committed is knowing that in thirty years I will be able to look back at something that I spent time cultivating and creating. This opportunity led me to become a yearbook editor and explore my abilities in organization and leadership.

Which other faculty members had a big impact on you?

Terry Culleton, my English teacher freshman year, completely changed the way I look at English.

More about Hadley:

The yearbook wasn’t Hadley’s only leadership role (she headeded the Service and Cheese clubs, too) or her only student publication (she also participated in Curious George, the student newspaper and in Argo, the student literary magazine). Additionally, she was an IB Diploma candidate who also took some AP classes.