Holdyn Barder ’17

Lafayette College
Holdyn thanks George School for the confidence and life lessons it taught him.

How did George School prepare you for life after commencement?

George School will always have a special place in my heart. Some of the most important qualities that many of my instructors at George School taught me are to never take no for an answer, to open your mouth, and to speak up. I have found that none of my current successes would have happened unless I opened my mouth. George School is the reason why I have the confidence to plow through life and make lifelong connections. Thank you, George School.

George School also gave me public speaking abilities, as well as appreciation for everything that happens in my life, which I am grateful for. George School is my family, and there is nothing better than having a group of amazing, intellectual individuals pushing you along your path.

What are you studying in college?

I am an economics major and a physics minor with a concentration in financial policy and analysis. My hope is that studying economics and physics will provide me with skills that I can apply to many areas of my life in the future.

More about Holdyn:

A frequent performer, Holdyn plans to pursue a career in the music industry. At George School, Holdyn appeared at Live Music Weekend and open mic nights (he plays the guitar and violin and sings). He also acted in many main-stage and Green Room productions, including Pride and Prejudice, 12 Angry Jurors, Lysistrata, and The Frogs. On top of that, he was an Academic Summer Program counselor, student ambassador, day student prefect, and Model UN director of operations.