Jerrica Bauer ’16

Colorado College
Support from others—teammates, classmates, coaches, and teachers—encouraged Jerrica to push herself to run faster.

What did you like best about George School athletics?

On the varsity cross country team, we traveled together, shared exciting (and not so exciting) news with one another, made each other laugh, and, of course, ran together. I felt welcomed by the team as soon as I joined, and cheering them on was extremely gratifying. Because of the Quaker philosophy, competition within the team did not exist. Getting a personal best was what mattered most, as opposed to finishing ahead of our teammates.

Senior year, the Friends School League championships were held at George School. The support I received before the race from my teammates and during the race from spectators really inspired me to give it my all. The weather was beautiful, and I ended up running my fastest time ever. All my hard work during the season had paid off when I passed a girl in the last hundred meters and snagged a fourth-place finish by less than a second.

What was the experience of meeting for worship like for you?

I get restless and distracted easily, so sitting in silence in meeting for worship was difficult for me at first. Over the course of the year, I learned to just relax and to reflect on God, people, and how I could be a better person.

How do you think George School prepared you for life after graduation?

I am so grateful for George School for fostering my sense of spirituality through meeting for worship, and for being a place of love and peace and community. I’ve tried to carry these things beyond George School, and I’ve found that life is much more enjoyable and meaningful when I live according to these principles.

More about Jerrica:

Jerrica is majoring in molecular biology at Colorado College. She recently worked as an EMT at a girls’ summer camp in Minnesota, filling the role of camp medic.