Khalil Jannah ’18

Bates College
Ceramics taught Khalil not only to love working with clay, but patience as well.

What lessons did you learn in ceramics and sculpture?

Ceramics taught me not only to love working with clay, but patience as well. Sculpting doesn’t always go as you hope. You have to learn when to stop.

Talk a little about another interesting class.

I never felt that you could fuse fun and learning together until I took Chemistry with teacher Minnie Lee. Every day she came to class with a smile on her face just because. Even when you were having your worst day, she would ask if you were all right and needed anything. I was a little afraid to ask for help, but after I attended one consultation with her, I was never nervous again. If there was a fragment of curiosity in my head, I would raise my hand. If every kid had a chance to take chemistry with Minnie, they would sprint to class each day.

More about Khalil:

Though he had never done either ceramics or lacrosse, Khalil decided to try them at George School. He now loves them both and continued with them all four years. In Atlanta, he did a lot of community service with C5, a leadership program. He is considering architecture for his college major and career.