Kiany Probherbs ’17

Bowdoin College
When it came to boarding, paying it back meant paying it forward for Kiany.

How do you think George School prepared you for life after graduation?

George School helped me become a better person and leader in a bigger community. The community at George School showed me what it means to be empathetic, generous, understanding, and flexible. George School also provided a lot of time for self-reflection, which in turn creates an opportunity for self-growth, which I realized students from other schools didn’t necessarily have.

How did you like living in the dorm at George School?

Living in the dorm was a completely new experience. To live without my mom and with kids I am not related to seemed completely foreign to me. But after a few months, the dorm felt like it had been my home for years. The dorm parents were always looking out for us and give out treats and snacks on weekends. You build a brotherhood among people you would never thought to have met. Becoming a prefect, it felt great to have the opportunity to be a leader for the younger guys in the dorm.

More about Kiany:

Kiany is currently studying biochemistry at Bowdoin College. Over the summer 2018, Kiany worked at the Oliver Scholars Program, which prepares high-achieving black and Latino students from underserved New York City communities for success at top independent schools and colleges. At George School, Kiany was a three-season varsity athlete: football, basketball, and lacrosse. Football, he felt, taught him to “keep getting back up”—when it comes to schoolwork as well as sports. He enjoyed ceramics, being a peer group leader, and taking part in UMOJA and Open Doors.