Marion Wells

Library Director
Marion believes that researching almost anything with a sense of humor and the right library tools can be fun.

What do you think is special about George School?

I was drawn to George School because of the engaged and curious students and the highly collaborative faculty. But the real magic of George School is in the community and our shared love for the school.

Any student who attends George School will have a unique experience that will forever impact their life. The experience will affect everyone differently: perhaps a coach, a math teacher, or the beautiful campus will make a difference to a student. I wish I had had the opportunity to go to school here, but I feel lucky that I am able to work here. George School is an amazing place!

What is your favorite part about doing research instruction?

I love the enthusiasm of the students. I work every year with the sophomores to support their research projects in Holistic Health. They understand the seriousness of the projects, but they leverage the process with a good sense of humor.

More about Marion:

Before earning a master’s degree in library science from Rutgers University, Marion majored in art at San Francisco State University. Outside of the library, Marion enjoys dragon boating, swimming, practicing yoga, reading historical fiction, and chasing after her two dogs.