Martha Holland

Religions Department
Martha is impressed by George School's ability to bring out the best in students almost as much as she is by the students themselves.

Why did you choose to teach at George School?

I’m drawn to schools that value who students are as much as what they can achieve. George School makes room for students to become who they already are while also demanding excellence.

Is there a moment in a class that stands out?

Our students are incredibly creative and thoughtful. I like to take the approach of mentor or guide; let’s walk this path together and see what we can discover.

One day I asked my Theory of Knowledge class to redesign the George School curriculum. Their grasp of the big picture—of what really matters in education—was impressive, and they were so excited to be able to present it to some of my colleagues.

What is special about George School?

George School challenges and inspires students to be the best version of themselves. Through a dynamic, rigorous curriculum, it empowers them to act with humanity and purpose, and prepares them to live as global citizens.

More about Martha:

Writer, photographer, gardener, runner, dog lover, and doting grandmother, Martha has a BA from Mount Holyoke College, an MA from the University of Virginia, and an MEd from Harvard University. As co-sponsor of SAGE, the campus peer counseling group, she is impressed by its members’ ability to listen, mentor, and model empathy.