Matt Simon ’15

University of Pennsylvania
At George School, Matt learned to be adaptable and to appreciate the beauty in all aspects of life.

What are you studying in college?

I’m on track to graduate with a degree in economics, and my concentrations are in finance and public policy. I spent the summer doing data analytics work at Wayfair in Boston, Massachusetts. At Penn I’m president of the International Affairs Association, a student-run organization that’s enabled me to travel to India, China, and Japan. Those experiences have been pretty amazing!

How did George School prepare you for life after commencement?

The mindset that I picked up through the rigor of and culture at George School has had a profound impact on my life. Classes and clubs allowed me to realize an acute sense of fulfillment in working towards and achieving a goal, and they also enabled me to learn and adapt from failure. From its cultural side, George School instilled in me the ability to pause and appreciate the beautiful things in life in a world where it’s pretty easy to miss them. Together, these two aspects have prepared me quite well for whatever might come in life.

More about Matt:

Matt was a soccer player, a distance runner on the track team, and a French horn player in the orchestra and band. He took part in Model UN and Student Council, which he found particularly satisfying, as it involved working with a group to come up with positive solutions that are actually implemented in the community.