Max Malavsky ’18

Gettysburg College
For Max , Cougar sports were as much about friendship and support as they were about wins and losses.

How did George School sports and coaches impact you?

Being a very competitive person, I was able to find my footing in the community through sports. Through varsity soccer and basketball, I developed close bonds with a wide range of friends throughout the seasons.

I strived to play basketball in college, and my coaches were very supportive in helping me achieve my goal. They helped me with the recruiting process by referring me to coaches and suggesting and/or driving me to showcases. Not only did my coaches support me on the field, but they also helped me off the field. Whether checking in with me and my workload or allowing me to sit out of practice to study for a test, my George School coaches supported me academically every step of the way.

What was one of your favorite classes?

My IB Higher Level English class was very interesting. The discussion-based style of learning allowed me to express my thoughts and opinions on the topics we studied.

More about Max:

When he was not playing sports, Max found time for IB courses, being a peer group leader, and taking part in JSA, Model UN, Art for Relief, and All for Africa.