Meredith Baldi ’01

History DepartmentDirector of Professional Development and Evaluation
Meredith is proudest when her students don't just answer questions—they ask them.

Describe a class that inspires you.

Teaching IB Global Politics is exciting. As part of our internal assessment, students have to engage directly in a political process in order to learn through experience. One student interviewed the mayor of her town about conflicts women politicians face. The mayor was so impressed that she offered the student a summer internship. I’ve been so proud of seeing how this class has shaped my students’ view of the world and desire to be involved in it.

Describe your teaching style.

It’s ever evolving. I used to rely on a pretty Socratic style, with me at the center asking questions. Increasingly I’m using student-centered strategies, like project-based learning and Harkness discussions, to make sure that students ask (and answer) more questions than I do.

How did being a George School graduate impact you? 

Student-faculty relationships are of tremendous note. My relationships with my teachers here made me comfortable self-advocating in college, attending office hours, and connecting with professors for the optimal learning experience. The independence we instill in our students and the respect faculty have for students as individuals help to cultivate that relationship. I think we still do this really well.

More about Meredith:

In addition to her other roles on campus, Meredith sponsors the Girls Learn International club. She has a BA from Connecticut College and an MA from New York University. When she isn’t taking care of her children, she loves cooking and travel.