Molly Paddon ’03

Hair and Makeup Artist
Molly turned a passion for hair and makeup at George School into a career.

How did George School help guide you to your profession?

Starting my sophomore year at George School, I would spend all day of every formal dance set up in a dorm common area doing classmates’ makeup by appointment. So, in my senior year, when I decided to make hair and makeup my career goal, I’m sure it was more of a surprise to myself than to many of the people around me. I really credit George School for helping me develop the skills I use every day.

What is a lesson from George School that stuck with you?

Don’t forget meeting for worship. I’ve seen talented people not succeed in film for lack of knowing how to be quiet.

More about Molly:

For the last thirteen years, Molly has spent her time doing hair and makeup for celebrities such as Amy Poehler, Emma Roberts, James Franco, and Pharrell. Molly strongly disagrees with the common misconception that hair and makeup is a secondary focus on set, stating that, “I’m the first face the talent sees every morning, and generally the person on set with whom they have the most contact. My primary responsibility is putting the actors at ease.”