Rebecca Missonis

History Department
For Rebecca, learning requires challenging preconceptions, but her first impressions of George School were dead on.

Why did you choose to teach at George School? 

On my first visit to campus, I immediately felt that the students here were curious, accepting, welcoming, and incredibly clever, and I thought that they would be really fun to teach. I was absolutely right!

Describe your teaching style.

It is inquiry-based and inclusive, with a strong emphasis on social justice. We honor multiple perspectives in seeking the truth and work toward an ever greater understanding of how we all know what we know. At times that requires accepting our mistakes and welcoming the resulting growth.

What is special about George School?

For students, coming here means choosing a community that will both support and challenge them, embrace and encourage them, affirm and enrich them. With an open heart, an inquisitive mind, and a resilient spirit, students are rewarded with an unparalleled education—one that will provide a font of inspiration and compassion for their future endeavors.

More about Rebecca: 

Rebecca received a BA from Williams College and an MA from Adams State University.