Ryan Bencivengo ’21

Langhorne, PennsylvaniaUniversity of Notre Dame
Ryan is impressed by the diversity of people and activities he has found at George School.

Is there something at George School that has made a big impact on you?

The most important thing I have taken away from George School is the diversity of backgrounds, cultures, and opinions. I grew up in a very homogenous environment, in both cultures and beliefs. The huge amount of diversity at George School has helped me become more aware of the world and how to act in it and to appreciate its different aspects.

Describe an interesting class.

Last year I doubled up on sciences (intensive biology and intensive physics) to learn more about these subject areas and figure out which ones I would take AP classes in. I really enjoyed physics due to its real-life applicability. From the first few lessons, I could recognize what we learned in class in the outside world. Additionally, the labs for both science classes were engaging.

What activities do you like to do outside of the classroom?

With the number of clubs available at George School, it’s difficult to devote your time to just a few. I’ve chosen to attend a bunch and have explored existing interests, but have also created new ones.

I have been in Model UN for three years and have participated in multiple conferences, the largest being the Ivy League Model United Nations Conference at the University of Pennsylvania. I was able to meet people from all over the world, learn so much about world issues, and make educated decisions about how to approach these issues. Additionally, I really love astronomy and stargazing, so being able to transfer my passion into the Astronomy Club was great.

More about Ryan:

In addition to Model UN and astronomy, Ryan takes part in the Tabletop Club and is co-leader of the Fantasy Sports Club. He has been on Cougar soccer and track teams as well.