Ryan Tufford ’20

Chesterfield, New JerseyBoarding Student
Ryan loves discovering the hidden talents of fellow students.

What do you like about weekends on campus?

Weekends provide breaks from schoolwork and time to hang out with friends. They always have great themes.

An exciting one is Live Music Weekend, a time when any student can sing in front of the majority of the school. It opens my mind to the talent of students who do not always display it, and it is a nice and lively atmosphere.

What is the best thing about George School’s community?

Everyone is very inclusive here, and I have friends in every grade. I know I can go to any of them for help.

More about Ryan:

Ryan is a member of SAGE (peer counseling), Goldfish ’n Java (which puts on Live Music Weekend), and the Astronomy Club. He plays soccer and lacrosse for the Cougars.