Ryone Omae ’19

Suffolk University
Photography brought campus life into clearer focus for Ryone.

Describe a subject that became important to you.

I have always had a passion for documenting moments in my life in photography, but at George School, I discovered my love for photography using film, which was new for me. Film photography is very different from digital photography. Everything, from putting the film into the camera to printing a picture with the perfect contrast, is done by hand. It involves a lot of trial and error, but when you get that perfect picture, you have a real sense of accomplishment.

My photography teacher really cared for me and was almost like my parent at this school. Since I was an international boarding student, I really appreciated that I had an adult that I could comfortably communicate with on campus.

What did you appreciate most about the community at George School?

Everyone at George School treated each other as true equals despite our diverse backgrounds.

More about Ryone:

Ryone  took digital imaging as well as film photography at George School. She stayed active through volleyball, swimming, and after-school yoga, and she got a kick out of seeing the children of faculty around campus.