Seymone Williams ’21

Florence, New JerseyUniversity of Pittsburgh
From Seymone’s advisor to her dormmates, the GS community made living away from home feel like anything but.

Has anything surprised you about George School?

When I attended the Open House here, I imagined this school would be like college. Living away from home and being responsible for myself seemed daunting at first, but as soon as I moved in, I felt at home. There is always someone who is willing to help in any way I need. This community looks after one another and ensures that we are all taken care of.

In particular, my advisor made my transition seamless. She is always finding new ways to make her advisees’ experience at George School better, and she is truly a mother away from home.

What is it like to live in a dorm?

Living in the dorm feels like a never-ending sleepover with all of your best friends. Whether you need a hair tie or toothpaste, your peers are just a door away, willing to lend a hand or answer any questions. Coming in as a freshman is especially fun because everyone is adjusting and experiencing the same things.

Describe a quintessential George School moment.

I really enjoy waking up in the morning to our beautiful campus as well as the sunsets right before study hall.

More about Seymone:

At George School, Seymone is a peer group leader, on the Student Activities Board, and in UMOJA. Back home, she volunteers at her church.