Shantel Hubert

English DepartmentDorm Resident
When she joined the faculty, Shantel also eagerly joined a village.

Why did you choose to teach at George School?

I wanted to be aligned with a school that has the “village” model because I believe that it takes a village to nurture our youth in accordance with their authentic selves. George School is an environment where children are nurtured holistically.

Is there a moment in a class that stands out?

I asked my students to think outside of the box when presenting their sonnets, and they did. There were sonnets accompanied by the ukulele as well as art pieces.

Describe your teaching style.

I lean more toward constructivist. However, my style may vary depending on the class dynamic and the individual student.

More about Shantel:

In addition to reading and discussing literature with her students, Shantel enjoys spending time with her daughter and husband, creative writing, taking walks, and singing jazz with the Straight Ahead Big Band. She has a BS from Temple University and an MEd from Saint Joseph’s University.