Shelby Lynn Williams ’21

Trenton, New JerseyCornell University
Shelby Lynn’s teachers provide different lessons that go well beyond the subject matter.

Is there a teacher or teachers who made a big impact on you?

My Vocal Ensemble teacher, David Nolan, has had a tremendous impact on me as a George School student and an individual. He has attentively taught me about the world of musical theory, advocated for me, and been a person to confide in.

My AP English teacher, Avery Stern, taught me to embrace ambiguity and that there does not always have to be one correct answer or solution to a problem.

I took Intensive Biology with Karla Stucker. She was one of the most well- versed and passionate teachers I have ever had, and was always willing to meet with me if I was confused about any material.

More about Shelby:

Shelby is involved in many endeavors on and off campus. In addition to the Vocal Ensemble, she sings with the Princeton Girl Choir and the George School Community Chorus, which includes adults. She received the Andrew Bourns Social Justice Grant to volunteer with a local nonprofit that aids families dealing with the threat of homelessness or domestic violence and is the recording secretary for a teen group of Jack and Jill of America Inc. At school she is a representative on Student Council, a captain for JV lacrosse, a peer group leader for freshmen and new sophomores, a journalist for the school newspaper (Curious George), and a club leader for Speak Up!