Sophia Sharareh ’21

Princeton, New JerseyNortheastern University

Is there a class or teacher that made a big impact on you?

Last year, I took Intensive Precalculus with Robert Machemer ’92. Robert is a great teacher. He explains the subjects very thoroughly and encourages his students to speak up and ask questions. He is always around for consultations, which is very much appreciated by everyone. As the only underclassman in a class full of juniors and seniors, I felt very welcome and included. I was lucky to have had Robert and am pleased to have him again this year for IB SL Calculus.

Describe an exciting moment at George School.

Winter Formal Weekend is one of my favorite weekends at George School. Held in December right before the start of winter break, the dance lets most of the student body get together for one night of pure fun without any other concerns. I love seeing all of the students dressed up in formal attire, and it’s a great opportunity to meet new people.

Describe a quintessential George School moment.

New students play a sport during their first term so they have the chance to meet new people and make friends. On the first day of my freshman year, I went to the girls’ tennis tryouts. When the coaches told us to get into a groups of two, another freshman, whom I had never spoken to before, asked me to be her partner. I agreed. We talked during that practice as well as afterwards, and she became my first friend at George School. We both made the JV team and formed a very close bond, and we are still close to this day. It really is easy to make friends at George School. Everybody is so accepting of everyone else, and being part of a team allows you to make connections easily.

More about Sophia:

An IB Diploma candidate, Sophia takes IB Visual Arts seminar, enabling her to pursue two media she particularly enjoys: ceramics and photography. (She had never thrown on a wheel before coming to George School.) She is a peer leader to new students and a member of the Beach Cleanup Club, which takes trips to clean up coastal litter. She plans to attend Northeastern University.