Steven Fletcher

Service Learning CoordinatorDorm Head (Brown House)
Steven is a master of serving—and of sharing the joys and benefits of service with students.

Why do you lead George School service trips? 

I think it is important to make every environment an opportunity for a teachable moment. I work to extend education outside of the classroom and give our students an opportunity to be a more compassionate citizens.

By learning and serving with people who seem to have nothing in common with each other, most students discover that there are many similarities with the people from whom they are learning. I love witnessing when a student has that aha moment and that connection is created. For me, joy is encountered when you lose yourself in learning about your world and serving your global community.

When I do service, I’m paying it forward. The ‘village’ that raised me invested a lot in me so now I can give back to others. I’m proud of the work we do at George School to create citizen scholars.

More about Steven:

Steven came to George School in 2002 with a BA from Earlham College and an MCE from the University of Pennsylvania. Steven is a frequent George School service learning trip leader, having gone on twelve trips in thirteen years. His outside interests include personal fitness and sampling Philadelphia restaurants.