Vanessa Baker ’19

Oberlin College of Arts and Sciences
Vanessa appreciated the real-world application of what she learned in class.

What was something you especially enjoyed about one of your classes?

One of my most interesting classes was AP Human Geography with Lyman Castle. I liked it because it was very applicable to the real world, and Lyman made everything we learned really enjoyable.

One activity was to find the average life expectancy of people based on their zip codes. It was intriguing to see the large and small differences between them.

What was the biggest lesson you learned from athletics at George School?

Over the years, I had many times when I wanted to stop trying in a game, but when I remembered I was doing it for my team, I had so much more energy.

More about Vanessa:

Vanessa was busy as an IB diploma candidate, peer group leader, Academic Summer Program counselor, newspaper editor, and member of the Discipline Committee. She also managed to play varsity field hockey and lacrosse and take part in the Service Club, Argo (literary magazine), and Model UN.