William Street ’18

The New School
William found ways to enjoy political science and debating in class and out.

What did you find interesting during your first year at George School?

My most interesting class was Global Interdependence. Lyman Castle made it a hands-on experience while tackling issues of the past and present. For example, when we covered World War II, instead of simply looking at a Smart Board for 40–50 minutes, we played a game that simulated the countries’ movements. We also had exhilarating debates about issues from the atomic bomb to US involvement in various conflicts.

The most interesting thing I did outside of the classroom was Junior State of America (JSA)—basically debate club. Students from all across the Northeast come and debate the topics of today. Junior year, I won best speaker, and it inspired me to pursue a career in politics.

Describe a time you overcame a fear.

The first time I spoke at meeting for worship, my hands and legs started to shake. My friends gave me these looks that read, ‘What’s wrong with William?’ And before I could blink, I shot up and shared my truth.

More about William:

In addition to JSA, William served on Student Council as class president, as an Admission tour guide, and on the Model UN, UMOJA, and Open Doors clubs.