Yuxi (Cecilia) W. ’22

Zhejiang, ChinaBoarding Student
At George School, Cecilia has pushed herself out of one comfort zone and into a new one.

Has anything surprised you about George School?

The openness at George School is not only about calling teachers by their first names. There is a candidness that allows us to explore our identities.

In particular, my religion courses significantly opened my view of the world and helped me change my biases and judgments into understanding and appreciation.

What is it like to live in a dorm?

For me, the dorm is my home 7,467 miles away from home. It is where I find security, comfort, and a sense of belonging with lovely people.

When I walk across the campus, people will typically smile and wave to me. This makes me feel a part of the George School community.

More about Cecilia:

Cecilia chose George School especially for its visual arts program. After taking painting and drawing and photography classes, says, “I love both of them and see unlimited possibilities in art and myself.” She also pursues her love of art through Art for Relief, ARGO, and the Game Design Club. Since her arrival, she has tried a new sport softball and doing weekly Zumba. She and her friends are also interested in starting a psychology club.