Elenore Wang ’18

A self-proclaimed film fanatic, Elenore Wang '18 delved deep into her love of film.

Ephraim Benson ’17

Whether in math class or Improv Club, Ephraim Benson ’17 enjoyed exploring the unknown.

Erica Nakajima ’04

Thanks to George School faculty, Erica Nakajima ’04 became comfortable stepping outside of her comfort zone.

Gia Delia ’18

Gia Delia '18 discovered that dance moves more than just the body.

Greg Levy ’18

Greg Levy '18 discovered the symbiosis of George School service trips.

Holdyn Barder ’17

Holdyn Barder ’17 thanks George School for the confidence and life lessons it taught him.

Isabella Lin ’18

Isabella Lin '18 saw the results of her hard work on display—literally and figuratively.

Jamal Elliott ’92

Jamal Elliott ’92 brings nonviolence education to a charter school in Philadelphia.

Jerrica Bauer ’16

Support from others encouraged Jerrica Bauer ’16 to push herself to run faster.

Jody Lee Lipes ’00

Jody Lee Lipes ’00 explores the intersection of cinematography and Quaker morality.

Jules Caplin ’18

For Jules Caplin '18, the support, admiration, and friendships of sports extended beyond teammates and after graduation.