Anna Picciano ’17

Anna is able to deftly apply the skills she learned in George School’s English classes to college.

Anney Ye ’20

From derivatives to dystopian societies, Anney is soaking up her George School education.

AriAnna Thomas ’19

What AriAnna got out of woodworking took many forms: knowledge, passion, confidence, and a beautiful coffee table.

Ashleigh Curry ’20

The support of friends you don’t even know is what turns “student body” into “community” for Ashleigh.

Ayzia Alexander ’21

Ayzia’s favorite classes span varied subjects, but they have one thing in common: inspiring teachers.

Becky Hutchins

Becky believes in the power of experimentation—literally and figuratively—in her science classes.

Bella Storie ’21

For Bella, every class—and every experience—teaches something different.

Ben Croucher

To history teacher Ben, a good education is more than academic.