AriAnna Thomas ’19

What AriAnna Thomas ’19 gets out of woodworking takes many forms: knowledge, passion, confidence, and a beautiful coffee table.

Aubrey Saunders ’18

Aubrey Saunders ’18 learned from a discussion-based classroom to become a stronger writer.

Becky Hutchins

Becky believes in the power of experimentation—literally and figuratively—in her science classes.

Ben Croucher

To Ben Croucher, a good education is more than academic.

Charlie Thomforde

Charlie Thomforde feels at home in libraries, and hopes that students will too.

Claire Heydacker ’18

For Claire Heydacker '18, playing a role on her team did not necessarily involve playing at all.

Connor Stoklosa ’19

Connor Stoklosa ’19 enjoys the variety of George School classes and the lessons of each.

Danielle Picard-Sheehan

Photographer Danielle Picard-Sheehan inspires her students by challenging them to see their skills through different lenses.

David Larkin ’79

Engineering goes beyond the nitty gritty, according to David Larkin ’79, and George School helped him get there.