Danielle Picard-Sheehan

Photographer Danielle inspires her students by challenging them to see their skills through different lenses.

David Larkin ’79

Engineering goes beyond the nitty gritty, according to David, and George School helped him get there.

Eden McEwen ’17

Eden began her journey of being a multi-faceted learner in George School’s IB Diploma Program.

Elenore Wang ’18

A self-proclaimed film fanatic, Elenore delved deep into her love of film.

Erica Nakajima ’04

Thanks to George School faculty, Erica became comfortable stepping outside of her comfort zone.

Erin Sio

Erin believes in stretching students—in and out of class, in Newtown and around the world.

Fiona Keith ’19

Whether banging a drum or a tennis ball, Fiona pushes herself to have fun.

George Long

George enjoys teaching, and coaching, a variety of student-athletes united by one uniform.