Pacho Gutierrez ’77

From the science lab to the wrestling mat, Pacho enjoys the diversity of the George School learning experience.

Peggy Karaffa

Peggy shares her love of reading with students and helps them discover that there is a book for everyone.

Pippa Porter Rex

Though Pippa was initially taken by George School’s results (its graduates), today she is impressed by its works in progress.

Rebecca Missonis

For Rebecca, learning requires challenging preconceptions, but her first impressions of George School were dead on.

Scott Spence

Scott teaches the collaborative learning skills his students will need as adults.

Shantel Hubert

When she joined the faculty, Shantel also eagerly joined a village.

Steven Fletcher

Steven is a master of serving—and of sharing the joys and benefits of service with students.

Steven Heitzer

Satisfaction for Steven comes from the growth of individual band members and the music they make together.

Tiffany Taylor

For Tiffany, the best way to teach horseback riding is to teach each student differently.

Tom Hoopes ’83

Tom imparts a sense of spirituality, humor, and relevance to his students.

Travis Ortogero

According to Travis, the best and most fun way to learn just about anything is to solve puzzles.

Valerie Folk

Valerie strives to be an aide to discovery rather than a simple dispenser of knowledge.