R. Eric Thomas Visits George School

R. Eric Thomas is a Barrymore Award-winning playwright and humorist and a a Senior Staff Writer at Elle.com.

Barrymore Award-winning playwright and humorist, R. Eric Thomas, visited George School on Thursday, October 11 to speak to students in Avery Stern’s eleventh grade English class. He is the long running host of The Moth in Philadelphia and senior staff writer for Elle.com. His writing has also appeared in the New York Times, Elle magazine, W magazine, Marie Claire, Man Repeller, and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

During his visit, students performed short stories or plays they wrote. Eric was impressed by how students were able to talk about themselves in such an interesting and evocative manner. “I was stunned by their level of introspection and their insight into their own lives,” he said. “I’ve heard thousands of stories. Most adults are unable to frame their experiences in this way. This builds a skill in them that prepares them for college acceptance essays, preparation for college classes, and life in general. It builds a foundation for them as citizens of the world.”

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