Reading Olympics Team Earns Blue Ribbon

George School students earned a first place ranking and a Blue Ribbon in this year's Reading Olympics.

Reading Olympics is a program that motivates students in Bucks County to enjoy the excitement of reading and talking about books. The program is now in its 28th year, and this is the twelfth year that George School has participated in the program.

Throughout this year, George School students worked together to read as many books as they could from a book list that was prepared by teachers and librarians from schools across Bucks County.

The yearlong program culminated in a friendly, virtual competition last month where over thirty teams participated in the high school division throughout a two-week period. In the competition, teams compete to answer questions about the books they read. Teams are never eliminated, and ribbons are awarded based on points accumulated for correct answers.

Please join us in congratulating George School’s team, the GS Readers, who earned a first place ranking and a Blue Ribbon for their reading prowess. The GS Readers includes team members Ellen Zhang ’21, Margee Joshi ’21, Neha Kalakuntla ’21, Divya Papaiya ’21, and Finn Pollard ’21.

Library Director Marion Wells commented on this year’s event saying, “George School students always have a fun and unique attitude about this program, and these fantastic students did not disappoint!” She continued, “Many of the schools are stressed about competition night, but George School students are always in it for the friendships and their love of reading.”

Learn more about Reading Olympics.

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