Sophia Friedman ’21 Awarded Honorable Mention at Art Exhibition

The 26th Annual Bucks County High School Art Exhibition highlights local emerging high school artists. This year, Sophia Friedman ’21, received an honorable mention for her print piece, “Lucid Dreaming.” We asked Sophia a few questions about her exciting achievement. 

Q: How did you come up with the idea and what was your inspiration for the print? 

A: I came up with the idea for the print as I do most of my ideas— through a dream I have that wakes me up in the AM hours. From there I developed the idea further with the support of my best friend. My main inspiration for the sort of real-world adaptation of my dream was really just plain old nature.  

I knew that the print would end up being surreal, but I still wanted it to feel grounded in some sense of reality. I think there was also an element of my inspiration that came from my impending graduation and looking back on all my memories and trying to put myself back into those moments. 

Q: How does it feel to be featured in the 26th Annual Bucks County High School Exhibition? 

A: To be super honest it feels really validating to be featured in the exhibition. At the same time, I feel very proud and thankful to be in such august company—there is truly some amazing work featured this year and I’m just honored to be a part of it. 

Q: Being that you’re a senior, what has the Art Program at George School meant to you? 

A: The art program has been such an integral part of my time at GS. When we were spending time on campus normally, I would stay after school in the photo studio until security kicked me out because I loved it that much. 

I’ve come to find that through my arts education I’ve been able to expand my perspective and understanding of every other subject. Above all, the art program at GS has meant finding new and evolved ways to express the most niche parts of myself. 

We are extremely proud of all George School students that were featured at the 26th Annual Bucks County High School Art Exhibition. 

Layla Afzal ‘21 for her Painting entitled, “Deva,” oil on canvas
Micah Grison Sullivan ‘24, “WRAP Self-Portrait,” archival inkjet print
Safi Baadarani-Feeney ‘21, “Side Table,” walnut and cherry
Maia Hannah-Drullard ‘23, “Monster Cup,” wheel thrown/sculpted with underglaze
Sophia Friedman ‘21 “Lucid Dreaming, archival inkjet print, Honorable Mention 

All exhibition artworks can be viewed on the Hicks Art Gallery’s website. 

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