State of the School Address Given on Parents Visiting Day

Parents were invited to listen to the annual address by Head of School Sam Houser on Parents Visiting Day.

On Saturday, October 21, 2017, parents were invited to listen to the annual address by Head of School Sam Houser as part of the Parents Visiting Day activities. The address took place in Walton Center Auditorium among other scheduled activities such as 15-minute classes in the morning and informational sessions in the afternoon.

Sam focused on many of the positive happenings on campus and the many academic achievements of students. One of the major points of pride is the International Baccalaureate Program, which had a one hundred percent rate of success, with all students who took the test earning the degree. One student also attained a near perfect score, missing the distinction by one question, which was high enough to be the highest score in George School History.

Sam touched on several other thriving programs such as robotics, arts, mathematics, and many others. He stressed the pride he feels for the students.

“I see in them the promise of a better world, and I want George School always to do its part to teach and raise them well, as people with empathy, critical thinking skills, the ability to listen, readiness to question, to define and solve problems,” said Sam. “Moreover, I want them to do these things in a community thoroughly informed by diverse wisdom and diverse perspectives.”

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