Students Explore Mindfulness at George School

Mindfulness sessions were offered to students this spring from certified instructor Kaylee Friedman on YouTube each week.

Students had the opportunity to attend pre-recorded mindfulness sessions this spring to learn techniques for managing anxious thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. The individual thirty-minute sessions were offered by certified instructor Kaylee Friedman each week.

Kaylee is a psychotherapist, speaker, and mindfulness instructor living in Princeton, New Jersey. She uses a variety of tools such as yoga, mindfulness, and reiki to integrate whole-being wellness into her work. Her exercises for students include lessons in self-care, motivation, grief, perfectionism, and self-compassion. Watch her introductory video here.

Director of Counseling Services Caroline Bruss encourages all students to view these weekly sessions. “These videos are available for students to access whenever they need them, wherever they are. The lessons are easy to follow and custom tailored to the needs of high school students,” said Caroline.

“During this time, a lot can come up emotionally for each of us. If we can learn to be with those difficult emotions, process, and move alongside them, rather than ignore and avoid them, we will be able to navigate these difficult experiences much more effectively,” said Kaylee. “Mindfulness is just one of the tools that allows us to do this.”

Watch the Mindfulness Sessions Below:

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