Students Learn Traditional Chinese Art

Claryn Troup ’19 and Perrfection Peterkin ’18 learned the ribbon dance. (Photo by John Fort ’19)

George School students were treated to a performance titled “Amazing China,” celebrating traditional Chinese culture and heritage on Friday, October 13, 2017. The professional Chinese art troupe from the New York Chinese Traditional Art Center (NYCTAC), performed their show with several traditional opera elements.

One of the highlights of the performance was the Sichuan Opera, complete with face-changing. Face changing is considered an essential part of the opera, whereby performers appear to switch masks instantaneously to portray the different moods and personalities of characters. When it is done swiftly it appears magical to the audience.

The show was specifically designed to be performed in a school setting. There was also a silk dance, Chinese magic show, and traditional opera. The NYCTAC Artistic Director William Chunnuan Liu said the purpose of the NYCTAC is to deepen the understanding and appreciation of traditional Chinese performing arts.

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