Students Present Projects During IB Science Symposium

Grace Karanja '20 and Will Carson '20 present their project and findings to a Symposium guest.

During this year’s IB Science Symposium on Thursday, October 10, 2019, students presented their projects on the topic of Food for Thought. The projects are a requirement for IB diploma candidates and are completed during junior or senior year. Students are required to work in groups of three or four and follow the scientific process. Groups are in charge of their own projects, developing the idea, experiment, and research method.

“What our project focused on, was the proteolytic activity of the human digestive enzyme pepsin,” explained Will Carson ’20. “My group and I learned a lot about how the scientific method works, and how even in acquiring seemingly contrary results, one can learn to improve one’s experimental design in the future.”

During the symposium, groups explained what they tried to do, the process they went through, and what data they collected to teachers and peers.

“Our project, Bottling up, focused on investigating how the change in internal pressure of packaging bottles affects the impact they receive from an external force,” said Walter Wagude ’20. “Just as our hypothesis predicted, we concluded that the internal pressure of the bottle has a negative causal relationship with the impact from an external force. This concept can be applied in the packaging of liquids and their transportation. Pressurizing the bottles at the right level decreases the chances of the bottles being damaged.”

The next step in earning the IB science diploma is an independent project also based on the scientific method that students will complete later this year.

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