Athletic Director Kurt Ruch

Throughout his twenty-five years working in physical education, George School Athletic Director Kurt Ruch has seen the positive role athletics programs play in student growth and development. Kurt knew that he wanted to work in athletics since his junior year of college. He was studying accounting and physical education and started as an assistant basketball coach that year. While his dream job as a kid was to be a basketball player, Kurt found that his passion quickly shifted to coaching. He focuses on developing students and helping them realize their goals, whether playing for prospective college teams or improving their skills in the present.

Since 2019, Kurt has been a force in helping George School lead and achieve in athletics. “Athletics at George School is not defined by wins and losses. It is about making athletes better and helping them become their best possible selves on and off the field,” said Kurt. Athletes attend practices, travel to games, and fulfill their academic requirements. While it could be difficult for some athletes to balance their athletic commitments with academics, many find that the high degree of organization required to accomplish both, push them to be successful in both. “Team sports and exercise makes students better in the classroom. Those who participate in sports are more organized and focused when in season versus feeling more relaxed and less disciplined when out of season,” said Kurt.

He has seen the landscape of athletics change over the years. Kurt feels that social media has had a positive impact on athletics. “George School’s program flew under the radar for a long time and social media gives us the opportunity to highlight to prospective recruits our strong programs through visual storytelling,” reflects Kurt. “Social media enables real time sharing of scores and results and creates channels for the wider community to connect with athletics.” Kurt has plans to stream games and build student involvement on the production side of athletics, including statistics reporting, live play-by-play, among other ideas. Stay tuned!

George School’s Hall of Athletic Honor is the Athletic Department’s newest endeavor which will recognize and honor George School student-athletes, coaches, teams, alumni, and sports contributors for their achievements and/or contributions to George School athletics. George School plans to induct the first class of honorees during Alumni Weekend in May 2021. One of the most satisfying experiences enjoyed by members of the George School community is the opportunity to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of one of our own. Kurt and the Athletics Department is actively seeking to identify individuals who have made outstanding contributions to George School athletics or have helped bring excellence and distinction to a college or athletic team.