Living the George School Mission

Dar Sheth is one of the great new additions to the George School community. Dar joined George School in 2019 to teach IB Economics and US History. He earned his MS in School Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania, and his BS in Secondary Education, with a concentration in Social Studies from Temple University.

Dar realized early on that he wanted to be a teacher—educating students to give them the tools to prosper in and out of the classroom. “I was familiar with George School and I have always admired the school, but the mission statement is what led me here,” said Dar. “The idea of cultivating intellectual curiosity and pushing students to be their authentic selves and speaking their truth with the emphasis on developing a passion for giving back, serving others, and being responsible stewards of the Earth fully aligns and resonates with my beliefs as an educator. This is what makes George School such a special place to teach and to learn.”

In the classroom, Dar challenges his students to develop their critical thinking skills. “My goal is to teach students to understand complex course material and then have the students apply the content to modern day global issues and challenges,” explained Dar. “There is an emphasis on the human experience and how our society can use economics and government policies to help people in need. We discuss economics on a larger scale and look at how different segments of the economy are interrelated. It is important for students to understand the impact that all of the various stakeholders in an economy have on people and communities.”

“The IB Economics curriculum begins with exploring opportunity costs and economic trade-offs, and it is great to see students assess their daily decision-making through an economic lens,” said Dar. “The curriculum ends with studying the global economy and economic development where students are analyzing and evaluating data to create their own case studies. I am really impressed with the depth of student interest and engagement in economics. It is incredibly rewarding to see students challenging themselves and collaborating with each other through a rigorous curriculum while also learning to understand the impact they can have on the world. It is in this regard that the mission statement of George School, and the mission statement of the IB, is so strongly connected to the work we do in our classroom,” said Dar.

In addition to teaching, Dar also serves as a dorm parent and assistant football coach. Providing opportunities to create meaningful connections while ensuring the health and wellness of the students was a challenge this year due to COVID. “We had to be more creative about how we build community in the dorm,” reflected Dar. “Students appreciated how hard we worked to give them the best experience possible and embraced the restrictions and protocols put in place to keep them safe.”

On the football field, Dar is proud of his role as an assistant coach. “I am grateful that Coach Dom [Gregorio] and the football staff welcomed me with open arms. I know a lot about the game of football but am still learning about the mechanics of individual positions. I help out wherever Coach needs me and where he thinks I am a good fit, whether on the offensive or defensive side of the ball or in team conditioning. We are also working to support our athletes who are interested in playing at the collegiate level.”

Dar is grateful for the opportunity to be involved at George School in so many different ways. “A lot of what we are able to accomplish is thanks to the generosity of our community,” explained Dar. “The School has a great community of alumni, faculty, staff, parents, and students who work together to overcome challenges as well as celebrate our great wins. We all learn from each other. I learn something from my students every single day. When they come into the classroom, they bring their true, authentic selves. I encourage them to bring their own personalities. They also often come with their own ideas for lessons, questions about a reading, or are excited to share a news article they’ve read on their own that is connected to our course content. I am constantly moved by their enthusiasm, passion, and engagement not just in the course but in all aspects of the school community. Here at George School, there is a strong commitment to academic excellence as well as helping students to develop an ability to truly “let their lives speak.”