Preparation for a Life of Success

While living in southern California, Janet (TR) and Michael Roy P’08, ’09, ’13 contemplated moving to Pennsylvania to be closer to family. This relocation would have resulted in their son, Levi ’08, moving in the middle of high school, so Levi decided to research schools and move earlier. During his search Levi discovered George School and was immediately drawn to the diverse and inclusive community while his parents liked the academic rigor. This paved the way for his siblings Titi ’09 and Sanjaya ’13 to follow.

“It was strange when Levi left for George School, but when Sanjaya and I visited for Siblings Weekend, we understood why he loved the school as everyone was so friendly,” explained Titi. “When it was time for me to start at George School, I knew what to expect.”

“George School knows how to welcome new students, particularly boarding students who are living away from home for the first time,” commented Sanjaya. “As the third Roy to attend, I was determined to make a name for myself and to not be overshadowed by my siblings. George School provided an environment which made that possible—I was able to find myself and my own identity.”

When speaking about the transition to college Levi reflected, “When I started at Howard University, I realized how prepared I was for college, not only from an academic standpoint but from an emotional wellness perspective. I was so ahead of my peers in this regard. Living at George School with people from all over the world and those who were different from me helped me develop this perspective. At George School we were taught to talk through problems with others which was so valuable.”

Titi and Sanjaya echoed Levi’s comments. “For me, George School was college with more rules,” said Titi. “It provides the rigor, structure, and time management skills that carry you through to college. You do not realize you are learning these valuable skills [during your time at George School], but they were critical to my success as a scholar-athlete at George Washington University,” continued Titi. “When I decided to attend the University of Nebraska for gymnastics, I was ready to live in a totally different environment,” said Sanjaya. “George School prepared me for this.”

The Roy family also cherish the close bonds they formed with the faculty during their time at George School. “I remember telling Kim McGlynn how English was going at college, as I knew she wanted to know how I was doing,” said Sanjaya. “Faculty at George School are incredible,” said Titi. “I had Pippa Rex (yes, she taught before moving into the Deans’ office) for sophomore English and she had such a different approach, asking us to look at errors in literature. Kathy Rogers (English) was such a passionate teacher and Steven Fletcher (Chemistry) taught me to embrace my inner nerd and to acknowledge that I loved chemistry. This empowered me. My advisor, Dorothy Lopez, still invites alumni to her home so we can stay connected. This is what makes George School so special.”

“It was such a seamless transition to college because of their experience at George School,” acknowledged Janet. “They were confident, had experience living away from home, and we knew they could handle anything.” Michael commented, “Paying tuition at George School was a very worthwhile investment and we see the benefit, not just through academics but through our children’s desire to serve others.”

“George School defines success in a holistic way,” remarked Levi. “At my college reunions, people always want to know if you are successful in a material way, but at George School they are more likely to first ask, ‘are you happy, do you feel fulfilled in what you are doing?’ If the answer is yes, they will reply, ‘so what are you doing to give back to others?’ or if the answer is no, they will say, ‘what are you going to do to change that?’ It is so refreshing to be around those who care for you in this way and it keeps you grounded in what is truly important.” Sanjaya appreciates the focus on mental health and on your own personal actions to impact the world in a positive way, while Titi likes the “meaningful accountability” and “that George School normalizes love—love for yourself and others as that creates compassion which is immensely important.”