Varsity Equestrian Wins First IEA Competition

Eva Coleman ’19 jumped Oscar in her section of the Novice Fences. (Photo by Jim Inverso)

The George School varsity equestrian team had their first Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) Competition of the year Saturday, October 14, 2017. The home event drew in over seventy riders from five different teams.

“All of our riders worked so hard the whole day both competing and running the big event,” said Tiffany Taylor, varsity head coach. “When all was finished, the George School varsity equestrian team was victorious. We took the win out of the five competing teams.”

Upper Level Open Flat and Open Fences were large classes. Hailie Meckling ’19 took third in Open Fences and in Open Flat, Dixie Hurst-Blair ’20 finished sixth in Open Fences and fourth in Open Flat, captain Michaela Drake ’18 took fifth in Open Flat.

There were two sections of Intermediate Fence riders. In the second section, Taylor Williamson ’21 took home fifth and Olivia Hansbury ’21 finished second.

The Intermediate Flat riders also had a solid day. Captain Kailee Shollenberger ’18 won her section, Olivia finished third, and Taylor took fifth.

In Novice Fences, Eva Coleman ’19 took second and Mackenzie Sheehan ’19 finished fifth. In the second section Layla Afzal ’21 took second. Tommy Balboa Livis ’18 took third in Flats and Fences .

In the Walk/Trot Leila Smith ’21 took the win, Marisa Kalafer ’20 took second and Amanda Yang ’20 finished fourth. In Walk/Trot/Canter the results were Amanda with the win, Marisa third, and Leila fifth.

The next IEA Competition is at George School on Saturday, October 28, 2017.

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