Varsity Field Hockey Defeats Pennington

George School will host Germantown Friends School at 3:45 p.m. on Friday, October 27 in the Friends Schools League Quaker Cup semi-final. (Photo by Jim Invreso)

Despite being down 2-0 at the half, the George School varsity field hockey team came back to defeat The Pennington School 3-2 in overtime during their final game of the regular season.

“What I love about this group of dedicated athletes is that they truly believe in each other as a team and know what they are capable of as a team,” said Nancy Bernardini, head coach. “The two-goal deficit did not faze them! The Cougars went into the second half knowing that they could come back and come back they did with a vengeance!”

The Cougar’s first goal was scored off of a corner by Annie Borovskiy ’20. “The ball was inserted perfectly by Eva Kinnel ’20,” continued Nancy. “Kate Klaver ’18 made a beautiful pass to Annie. Annie quickly and powerfully pushed the ball right into the corner for the score.”

The team’s second goal was scored with about sixteen minutes left by Lea Jensen ’19 on a rush at goal, assisted by Annie.

“Our defense, including Susan Robinson-Cloete ’20, Camille Drury ’19, Mallory Fritsch ’19, Juliette Jeffers ’18, and Kate Hunter ’20, in the second half did a great job in getting the ball out of the circle,” said Nancy.

“In New Jersey, the overtime is a seven-on-seven period, ten minutes long and sudden-victory play, not much time to score,” explained Nancy. “Our players were excited to play and knew just what they had to do to win. Pennington had the first possession and tried to air dribble all the way to the goal. Our defense stepped in and got the ball. Both teams played hard and fast with the ball going back and forth between the goals.”

With about five minutes left, the ball was passed up the field from the defensive circle to Izzy Robinson-Cloete ’20, who cruised down the right side line with the ball, passing a few defenders along the way. Emily Matson ’20 sprinted from midfield and prepared to receive the center pass from Izzy.

“Izzy smacked the ball across to Emily who caught the ball on her stick and KABOOM, we scored and won the game,” exclaimed Nancy. “What a sweet come-from-behind victory by the team! This was another proud moment for me to watch these athletes dig deep, fight doggedly for each other, and win.”

Next game for the varsity hockey team is the Friends Schools League Quaker Cup semi-final. George School will host Germantown Friends School at 3:45 p.m. on Friday, October 27.

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