Varsity Field Hockey Players Honored

Betsy Gentner ’18, Kate Klaver ’18, Julia Wilson ’18, Juliette Jeffers ’18, and Maia Finkel ’18 were honored during the varsity field hockey senior game. (Photo by Nancy Bernardini)

The George School varsity girls’ field hockey team won their last regular season home game 4-0 against Friends Schools League (FSL) opponent, Friends’ Central School. It was a big night for the team as they also honored seven seniors at the end of the game.

“The team fought hard for sixty minutes and showed us all just how to play the game as a team. We passed, we tackled, we communicated, and we scored,” said Nancy Bernardini, head coach. “Defense earned a shutout and proved to be a wall throughout the game.”

Izzy Robinson-Cloete ’20, Eva Kinnel ’20, and Lea Jensen ’19 each scored for the Cougars. Assists were made by Betsy Gentner ’18 and Eva.

Nancy said at the final whistle, the team gathered to honor senior team members; tri-captains Kate Klaver ’18, Julia Wilson ’18, and Betsy, defender Juliette Jeffers ’18, and forward Maia Finkel ’18, along with manager Roman Gavrila ’18 and student-trainer Cash Cole ’18. They took a few moments to recognize each senior and underclassmen presented their teammates with posters they made to celebrate their accomplishments.

Nancy said she knows her players will be missed when they graduate. “I personally would like to thank our seniors for their dedication to the program, their endless passion for the game, their leadership, their grit, and their excellent play throughout these four years. We will miss them for sure, but the good news is we still have games to go.”

The Cougars face their next challenge Tuesday, October 24, 2017, at 4:00 p.m. at The Pennington School in Pennington, New Jersey.

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