Varsity Math Team Takes First Place

The George School EniGmaS Math Team took first place in the Pennsylvania High School 1-1200 category at the international Purple Comet Math Meet. The team ranked 18th nationwide and took 26th place worldwide. The team outscored area competitors including The Episcopal Academy 21-16.

The George School EniGmaS Team included Kevin Gong ’25, MC Gu ’24, Forest Ho-Chen ’22, Jackson Yang ’25, and Luke Zhang ’24. George School also sponsored a second team of Alex Chen ’24, Sam Gorby ’23, Max Lin ’24, Zach Spangler ’22, and Yuki Wang ’23. That team took fifth place. All members of both teams are part of the George School Varsity Math Team.

“The level of difficulty of this test was quite hard. It began at around the AMC level, through AIME and is getting close to USAMO level of challenge,” said Kevin Moon, Math Department head. “I was really proud of all our competitors. Fantastic results!”

The Purple Comet! Math Meet is a free, annual, international, online, team mathematics contest designed for middle and high school students. It is sponsored by AwesomeMath. The 2022 contest included 3998 teams registered from 62 countries.


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