A Love for Theater

George School offers many amazing opportunities such as the theater program, which I’m very involved with. What makes our theater program so special is that anyone can join regardless of whether you have any experience. This allows people from all different parts of the world to express their culture and understanding of theater within our classes and performances.

Another aspect of George School theater that is quite special is that there are multiple different ways to be involved in and outside of the classroom. Many take theater as their art class, which is built into your daily schedule, while others become involved with our performance classes, where we put on different shows. Some students do both. The options are limitless. In the theater department, there are always new possibilities to learn more and improve your skills. An example of this was when Heather Henson, part of the Jim Henson Company, came to our school to teach us about how to use puppets for our show Children of Eden. This is one example of all the wonderful aspects of theater that can be explored at George School.

Acting is not the only way to be a part of the performance class because there are always opportunities to work with stage crew (lighting, set, sound, etc.), costumes and makeup, orchestra, student directing, and so much more! When you come to George School you will find there is a place for everyone in the theater program regardless of experience.

Sarah is a senior day student and performs regularly on stage in Walton Center.


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