An Immediate Sense of Belonging

The community at George School is the core of the school and one of the most important aspects to me as a student. The community at George is filled with amazing people who treat one another not only with respect, but also with love. I visited so many other schools in different parts of the country and while many of them were great, none of them made me feel like I belonged quite like the way George School did.

Even though it was only my first night on campus and I was still just a middle schooler visiting the school, the prefects and dorm residents made me feel like I was their brother. I never felt like an outcast or unwanted. There was this unspoken bond between all of us that I couldn’t describe as anything less than love for one another, which was something I hadn’t felt at any of the other schools I went to. I knew from that night that this was the perfect school for me.

Franklyn is a boarding student and a tour guide.

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