Being Accepted for Who You Are

While searching for a high school, it was very easy to get overwhelmed with the prestige and formality of the whole high school application process. It wasn’t until I stepped foot onto George School’s campus that I finally felt a sense of comfort and community.

George School is special because the community is so strong that there is a level of comfort that you feel on the campus from the faculty, your teachers, friends, roommates, and dorm mates. The academic rigor at George School matches that of all the other schools I looked at. However, the quality I found to be the most rare was the ability to feel so comfortable within my own skin while pushing myself to be the best possible version of myself that I can be.

We all have those days when we find it difficult to motivate ourselves. We are all human and have our off days. I have had numerous occasions where I have shown up to my classes in pajamas. But my teachers don’t shame me for it, they don’t make me feel unworthy of their attention. My teachers appreciate my time, my presence, and my energy. My teachers treat me as an equal. They push me to succeed all while having respect for my whole high school experience.

All in all, what makes George School different for me is that I am constantly immersed in such a productive climate that at the same time is very comfortable and accepts me fully not only as a student but also as a person as well.

Alida is a boarding student and a peer leader.

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