Celebrating an Accepting Community

When it comes to picking your high school, that is one of the hardest decisions you will ever have to make in your life. You’re exploring all these different high schools and have all these schools advocating for why you should go there. Believe me, I know this can be very intimidating, but when it comes to George School, we are truly a different school. At George School everyone is genuinely loving, caring, and wishes for one another to succeed.

What drew me to George School was how diverse and loving the community was. I had always been told by my middle school teachers that it was not about finding the best academic or athletic school for you, it’s about finding the right school for you. With George, because the community is so accepting and diverse we accept anyone into our space with open arms. There is something for anyone who is interested in our school, so I hope you #sayyestogs!

To illustrate our community, one example I can give is the dorms. Every week we either have meetings where the whole dorm meets in the common area (kind of like the dorm’s living room) or a hall meeting where everyone on the floor you live on gets to meet with each other and talk to each other about how our weeks have been so far with our floor parents. Through these meetings alone, I have met so many people from all corners of the earth and with all different types of interests. Everyone tells me a different story about themselves and I cherish them when I speak to everyone.

Even as a day student, you can still enjoy similar experiences. Of course, at the beginning of the school year when you meet new people, you will make new friends naturally. But the prime times for making new connections are during the weekends and study hall in the library. The number of fun experiences I have had just meeting new friends during study hall has a fond place in my heart, especially because of how natural the community makes it feel. And with the weekends, when everyone laid back and not necessarily worrying about school just yet, you have more time to flesh out a bond with everyone you meet wherever you go.

Born in Accra, Ghana, Andrew immigrated to New York when he was six. He is a leader of the Beach and Ocean Saving Club and takes part in plenty of other campus clubs, ranging from spike ball, bowling, biking, and skateboarding to UMOJA, podcasts, and knitting.

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