Collection Builds Friendships

One of the really special aspects about George School that I love is the connections we students have with our advisors and collections. My advisor helps me with everything—whether it’s an issue with my schedule or any personal problems I’m having, I know that I can trust her whenever I need an adult on campus to talk to. I am not the only student she helps out. All advisors at George School work with about eight to ten students, a group that is called a collection.

My collection, like Susan, is also fantastic. I’m lucky enough to be in a joint collection, which is when two advisors and their advisees meet together, so my collection is really about 16-20 people and all of them are great. Some of my best friends are in this collection, and others I have become friends with and learned a lot about them through our meetings.

The photo I’ve shared with you is from my collection when we all decided to wear sunglasses during our meeting.

Eloise is a day student and a tour guide.

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