Everyone is a Learner

At George School, everyone in the community is a learner, including the teachers and I have experienced this multiple times. It was one aspect that really surprised me. Learning at George School is not entirely one-sided or dominated by teachers. We recognize that everyone learns best in a different manner, so for everyone to benefit, classes need to be in the format of a discussion instead of simply a lecture.

One time when I believe that I influenced a teacher’s thinking was during a class I took my freshman year—AP Human Geography. As we were discussing patterns in migration throughout history, I recalled something I had previously learned at a local museum, which both directly corresponded to, and helped contextualize the topic at hand. Following this development, the teacher saw the topic in a new light, and our discussion was prolonged.

I can really appreciate the philosophy that even teachers can learn, and likewise, students can teach. In acknowledging that everyone at George School comes from a different background, and has unique and special experiences and knowledge, we can all truly benefit from the conversations which follow.

Alex is a day student and a tour guide.

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