Exploring Global Politics with the Model United Nations Club

Given the incredibly diverse background of students and student interests at George School, it is no surprise that there are so many options for clubs to join. Personally, the club nearest and dearest to me is Model United Nations, and I’ve been a part of it for all my four years at George School.

Freshman year I attended the school’s fall club fair, an event held in the Fitness and Athletic Center where each club can market itself through posters, videos, and conversations to welcome new members. For me, I never had learned about global politics or how the UN works towards solving global issues, so I just wrote my name down on the sign-up sheet, and have been into the club ever since. I think Model United Nations is great because of the community we have built within the club and the events that we attend.

Like many clubs at GS, we are a large enough group to feel substantial, yet small enough to feel like a close-knit community of friends, which is something I really value. Additionally, Model UN has organized trips to ILMUNC, a Model UN conference hosted by the University of Pennsylvania, nearly every year. We stay in the hotel holding the conference for a long weekend, which is great to get to truly apply what we learn in club meetings into real-life situations, as well as making friends along the way. Now as a leader of Model United Nations, I am so glad to share everything that I’ve learned over my past four years with the new members of the club.

Still, I find that there are so many opportunities to engage with many other clubs, without making such a dedicated commitment like I have for Model United Nations. Over my past four years, I have also been a member of Tabletop Club, a very fun club with meetings every Friday night to play board games or card games. I love stopping in now and then to hang out and relax after a school week. There are so many clubs to join at George School, and every club is happy to have new members stop by their meetings and learn what their unique group is all about.

Ryan is a day student from Langhorne Pennsylvania. In addition to Model UN and astronomy, Ryan takes part in the Tabletop Club and is co-leader of the Fantasy Sports Club. He has been on Cougar soccer and track teams as well.

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