IB Theory of Knowledge Exhibition 2022

On behalf of the George School IB Diploma Programme, I’m pleased to present the 2022 IB Theory of Knowledge Exhibition.

For those who may be unfamiliar with IB Theory of Knowledge (TOK), the TOK Exhibition is one of the two required IB TOK assessments where students select three objects in response to an IA prompt, and then justify how those objects manifest TOK in the real world. In keeping with last year’s tradition, the Class of 2022 exhibited their artifacts in a virtual reality gallery, where exhibition patrons are immersed in a 3D gallery space and free to interact with all the artifacts in the collection, entirely from the comfort of their computers, phones, or VR headsets.

As you will see from the gallery map near the entrance to the exhibit, each student has their own spot in the gallery. In those spots, you will encounter their chosen objects and embedded justifications on display, along with the knowledge questions that frame their inquiry. We invite you to fully immerse yourself in their spaces and in their thoughts. If something connects with you deeply, we encourage you to consider sharing your appreciation with the author.

Want to learn more? Visit our earlier blog post and enjoy wandering through our inaugural virtual showcase.

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